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Can I interact with the Entrepreneur post-investment?
Last Updated: Sep 04, 2019 18:01

Possibly. Once an offering ends successfully, your investment portfolio is updated on MusicFy by TruCrowd and you may be able to interact with the entrepreneur and the other investors through the Offering’s Communication Channel if the entrepreneur chooses to have an ongoing relationship with TruCrowd. In addition, you may be able to communicate with the entrepreneur and other investors via email and any other channels that the entrepreneur may have open for their investors.

As investors, you have to understand that the entrepreneur's time is very limited, and if he/she has to talk to several investors each day, there will not be much time left to run and grow the business. 

The entrepreneur will disclose in its offering documents the who, what, and when about the communication. If you do not agree with the communication plan, we advise you not to invest or to ask the entrepreneur to amend it. After issuance, the plan cannot be changed.


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