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Make this your time to grow

Present to non-accredited and accredited investors
Raise up to$5 million/year
Benefit frominvestor expertise

Step in, get anyone involved and build your dream

Create your offering

Our team will work with you on creating your account, your business valuation and the legal documents. Our marketing team will provide feedback on your business plan, your pitch and the marketing campaign.

Go live and engage

Once your campaign is live, heavily promote your offering on all channels, to everyone. Be responsive to questions and remarks.

Keep in touch

Beyond capital you will gain loyal brand ambassadors. Keep them close as they will support your growth through feedback, free advertising and why not their expertise and skills.

  • Offering Overview

    Create your company profile

  • Offering - Company Information

    Add details about your equity offering

  • Offering Documents

    Create your pitch and upload the video pitch

  • Consult Experts

    Create your pitch and upload the video pitch

  • Dataroom Overview

    Upload business plan and other legal documents

  • Messages

    Go live, communicate with investors, advertise your offering


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