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Project JAM

Justice for All Musicians

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Closed on 01/01/21


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Who are we


“Less than 1% of 1% of all #1 records were written by 1 person.”


As creatives know, it takes more than one person to bring a vision to life. However, there is currently no central hub for creatives to find fellow collaborators. Project JAM wants to bring the community together through our ecosystem and find justice not only for musicians but for the music yet to be made. This is an exciting opportunity to invest in the future of the music industry and the creators behind the music you love.



It takes multiple puzzle pieces to form the solid picture of a hit song, a great band, or a well-working team. However, with the rise of digital technology, the landscape is bigger than ever and the traditional ways of meeting fellow creatives have fallen away as we have dived deeper into cyberspace and social media. The music industry has become a fractured community, especially in geographically vast cities like Los Angeles, where there are scores of creatives but no central hub to connect them. Writers find themselves searching aimlessly on Instagram, Facebook, and Craigslist when they need a producer, writer, musician, engineer, or even a manager, which can hold up their projects and cost them time and money. It’s unjust for all this great talent to be wasted.



Project JAM Ecosystem

Project JAM’s mission is simple: Justice for All Musicians. Project JAM wants to bring the community together and find justice not only for musicians but for the music yet to be made. Project JAM is an ecosystem catering to musicians, songwriters, producers, audio engineers, industry execs and fans. Project JAM is implementing a multi-platform (Artist to Songwriter/Producer and Artist to Industry) ecosystem to address these problems and give writers, artists and musicians opportunities to formalize the ways in which they are discovered, rated and hired by other musicians, record labels, producers and clients. 


JAM Compass 

The JAM Ecosystem begins with Jam Compass, the central platform connecting music industry professionals, in order to collaborate and find real opportunities. Just open JAM Compass and find exactly what they’re looking for with an easy directed search. Users can search for musicians and industry professionals by instrument, genre, skill, and location. Pro features will include must-have industry tools for daily use such as split sheet integration, smart contract payment tools, marketplace, professional listings, and more. 


JAM On Demand

The next phase in the JAM Ecosystem is JAM On demand, which will allow users to make themselves available for hire in real-time.


On demand / for-hire services like Uber and TaskRabbit are shaping the way owners of certain under-leveraged assets (ie cars) and under-leveraged skills (ie house painters) convert their downtime and underused assets and abilities into cash...on their terms and by their rules. 


Professional musicians and music instructors alike have downtime and can earn extra income deploying their talents via an ‘on demand’ platform that allows users to find and bid on their services. Once users turn on the app, they can instantly find, offer and buy services (instrument tuning), lessons (vocal instruction, DJ instruction), performance, collaboration and recording spaces (studios and empty offices) and general coaching, guidance, and mentorship. 


JAM On Demand also allows novices, hobbyists and emerging musicians in search of professional skill sets, services, and instruction to find experienced musicians. 


To get started, simply toggle the visibility to ON in the app. User’s services will instantly be available to musicians, companies, bookers, and music fans globally, allowing users to generate additional income.


Future Projects

Project JAM will later introduce JAM Stream, an innovative video and music DRM player, providing instant, transparent payment via smart contracts and a larger share of revenue to the artist. 

Achievement & Traction

Project JAM has raised $100K to date which has been used to build a fully designed prototype, back end development, branding content, and more. 


We launched a proof of concept that amassed more than 3,000 users with no promotion. 


We’ve held several focus groups with industry professionals and taken into consideration the actual needs of people working in music.


The Co-founders and team have a large network of high-level songwriters, producers, and artists as well as micro-influencers that will help endorse the platform as part of marketing campaigns.



It wasn’t long ago that the music industry took a big hit due to the takeover of streaming technology but according to recent numbers those days in the past. The IFPI’s Global Music Report 2019 show total recorded music revenues for 2018 were US$19.1 billion, up 9.7% and showing continued growth over the past 4 years. 


With a growing industry, financially and in the number of creators, connectivity, collaboration, and finding the right opportunities to match users skill are more important than ever. BMI and Ascap, the top 2 performing rights organizations in the US, have over 1.5 million songwriters, composers, and publishers combined. So many potential people to work with but how do they make the connections? The most widely used music networking platform we’ve seen has been Craigslist. Over 10,000 posts are listed each week in the top 10 music cities in the US. 


Music tech startup Splice, a subscription service featuring an audio sample marketplace and music production collaboration tool now has 2.5 million users, up from 1.5 million a year ago.



While attempts have been made by several companies, no existing product has filled the void in connecting the music community.


Craigslist is by far the most used source to solve a musician’s or industry professional’s needs. Craigslist provides an outlet to connect the industry, but it does not offer personalized searches or profiles that allow users to socialize with each other.


The vast majority of musicians and industry professionals aren’t connecting to one another through any kind of social tech. They are still doing it in person or through their existing personal/professional networks.


Business Model

We will have a subscription service for specialized must have music industry tools. With JAM On Demand we will be taking transaction fees on any business done through the app. Once the app is populated we will incorporate targeted advertising on our platform.


The JAM team is made up of music industry professionals and tech experts that are committed to providing the music industry with a central hub that brings the community together with innovative solutions while also providing helpful tools along the way. This is an exciting opportunity to invest in the future of the music industry and the creators behind the music you love. Based out of LA, Co-founders Anthony Pisano and Tony Livadas started their working relationship over 10 years ago at a recording studio in Florida. Shortly after, they formed a DJ/production group called Brass Knuckles, signed a deal with Ultra Records and toured around the world. The group has since disbanded but Anthony and Tony continue to produce for top charting artists as well as their own music.


“After years of experiencing first hand the issues that creatives in the music industry face, we decided to put together a team of industry power players and business technology experts to create a platform that will bring innovative solutions to these problems and create a community that “we would want to be apart of ourselves!” 


In addition to the Co-Founders extensive knowledge of and active connections within the music industry, Project JAM CTO Dr. Don Oparah and his technology team bring a track record of success designing and launching tech-based platforms across multiple industries, including start-ups that have won awards like TechCrunch and SXSW Enterprise.


Use of Funds

We will be using the funds to finish development of the app and take it to launch with an accelerated marketing campaign. A portion of the funds will be allocated to future projects such as JAM Stream. We will also use the funds for PR, promotional events, office space, and legal.



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